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October 25th

Palazzo Mezzanotte
Piazza degli Affari, 6 - Milano

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Giorgio ARMANI

Chairman and CEO, Giorgio Armani

In the sector of luxury goods, Giorgio Armani represents a business model all of its own. With his 1,272 billion euros in sales (+23%) and an enviable financial situation, the designer-entrepreneur can survey the scene from a position of splendid isolation despite the many offers received from the giant conglomerates of the luxury industry. Following a philosophy of strict discipline, which has shaped his creations for the runway, he began his career on July 24, 1975, when he founded Giorgio Armani SpA along with his partner Sergio Galeotti. In 2000 the company acquired the production operations of Uomo Armani collections and the distribution and sales activities of the brands Armani Collezioni and Mani in the United States. The group has also established a joint venture with Zegna for the production and distribution of menswear for Armani Collezioni, launched the Casa Collection, the line of cosmetics and opened a flagship store, Armani/Via Manzoni 31. The Armani group now employs 4,418 persons and designs, produces and distributes luxury goods, clothing, accessories, eyewear, watches, cosmetics, perfumes, furniture and complementary furnishings under eight brands. The distribution network includes 53 Giorgio Armani boutiques and 206 stores for the other brands in 34 countries throughout the world.