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October 25th

Palazzo Mezzanotte
Piazza degli Affari, 6 - Milano

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Foundr, Fiorucci

Elio Fiorucci was born on the 10th June 1935. He participated actively to his father's activity, undertaking an adventurous research of new ways and world to discover. An adventure that will lead him, in 1967 to the opening of his famous Fiorucci departement store in Galleria Passarella, Milan. Fiorucci wanders in the world of production and the offering of "goods" to buy with the talent of a gold digger: he sift. he searches for new ideas and reaches succes. His gaze is turned particulary to young people, to that world that he, with his inborn curiosity and desire for comparison, know well. His style is alive, in evolution, continuously experimenting with new materials in order to satisfy youth's expectations. With the seventies, Fiorucci's business scale reaches international levels. It could not be otherwise, since as he says himself, "Fiorucci's image is indipendent, stateless, it refuses all territorial boundaries and any label that may generally contraint it". The leading role of Fiorucci in the creative sector is imposing itself more and more, so much that some of it's objects become part of the collections in American aan London contemporary art museums. Alongside this activity, in the eighties, are the most diversified and personalised marketing operations that definitely impose the Fiorucci mark as synonym of creativity and invention of image communication.