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October 25th

Palazzo Mezzanotte
Piazza degli Affari, 6 - Milano

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Author, Megatrends

Since he published Megatrends in 1982, John Naisbitt has kept his eyes focused on the future. His book Megatrends, the fruit of nearly 10 years of research, ranked at the top of the bestseller list of The New York Times for more than two years. It has been published in 57 countries and has sold eight million copies. Since then, he has become something of a global philosopher among futurologists. He has accumulated experience in top management (IBM and Eastman Kodak), politics (under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson) and entrepreneurship. Naisbitt went on to publish other bestsellers, including Re-Inventing the Corporation in 1985, Megatrends 2000 in 1990 (published in 32 countries and a top seller in the United States, Japan and Germany) and Megatrends for Women in 1992, (written with the collaboration of Patricia Aburdene). Global Paradox, written in 1994, received the British World Review prize for the best book of the year. His latest effort, High Tech High Touch, appeared in the fall of 1999. He is currently completing A world Between Eras.