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November 18th

Stabilimenti Ferrari

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Guglielmo APRILE

Chairman, Polo della Qualità

Guglielmo Aprile is the president of "Polo della Qualità", a multifunctional centre dedicated to
fashion and jewellery made in the Campania, region of Southern Italy, and is also a partner in
the company Aprile Jewellery.With a passion for the jewellery industry together with a strong
business intuition keeping apace with the times, for 30 years Gugliemo Aprile has been an active
protagonist of the jewellery industry in Southern Italy. Together with his brother Ciro he transformed
the small laboratory into a factory producing at industrial level and focused on distribution
opening points in the centre of Naples and Arezzo. In 1982 the ASCOM of Naples gave
him the role of representing the small/medium companies for the production and commerce
of goldware. Then in 1986 he took an active part in forming a committee headed by Gianni
Carità to realize a consortium of goldsmiths and build a polifunctional centre in the Marcianise
area. The centre, finally completed in 1997, is called "Il Tarì". In 1989 the Naples Goldsmiths
Association (AON) designated him president after formerly acting as counsellor and then vice
president. In 1997,with brother Ciro, he inaugurated the new premises,within the Tarì centre, of a
factory with 40 employees handling worldwide exports. Strongly desired by Aprile, 1999 witnesses
the realization of the project for a "Polo Orafo Campano"uniting the ancient "Borgo degli
orefici"of Naples, the Assocoral (Coral Association) of Torre del Greco and il Tarì of Marcianise,
creating an industrial headquarters for all sectors of the industry in Campania: goldsmiths,
silversmiths, watchmakers, cameo and coral craftsmen. But it is in August of 2001 that Guglielmo
Aprile embarks on his most ambitious project: to develop a unique, poliproducing and
polifunctional centre that unites, for the first time in Italy: "Polo della Qualità". By dedicating
heart and soul in what he describes as "the project of a lifetime", Guglielmo Aprile forged
ahead and already in January 2002 the first preliminary plans for the project were approved.
March 2003 saw the opening of the building site (mq 130.000) and it is programmedthat within
three years time the centre will be completely functional with at least 700 new operators.