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November 18th

Stabilimenti Ferrari

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Editor in Chief and Ceo, Class Editori

Paolo Panerai is Vice President and CEO of Class Editori Spa,which he established in April 1986 to create an indipendent source of financial information. The
Company, listed at the Italian Stock Exchange in 1998, has reached a total turnover
of 112 million Euros in 2001. Class Editori operates in four activity areas,
employing 450 people: newspapers, magazines and press agencies, publishing,
electronics, radio and TV, professionals' products and services. On top of being
manager and main shareholder he is Editor in Chief of all newspapers and magazines,
including radio and TV ones. After studying Law University of Genua, he had
started – at 16 – collaborations with the local Grosseto bureau of "La Nazione". He
then joined "Il Secolo XIX" and in 1969 "Panorama". In 1979 he takes care of the
transition of "Il Mondo" from general coverage to finance focused weekly. In
March 1980 starts the magazine "Capital", followed by "Auto Capital",
"LineaCapital" and "SportCapital". In1986 he quits his post at "Il Mondo" to establish
Class Editori. The Company today publishes the daily Milano Finanza e Italia
Oggi, and as magazines "Class","Luna","Patrimoni","Case & Country","Campus",
"Lombard"and "Gentleman". In the late 90es he developes a multimedia business
by starting MFSat in 1997 – digital satellite service of financial information; then PMF
news agency – now in joint venture with Dow Jones & Co. under the name of
MF/Dow Jones News. In 2000 it's the turn of Cfn/Cnbc, financial TV channel, and
of the platform Mf Trading for trading on line info and services. In 2001 Radio
Classica becomes the first one dedicated to updates on the markets and classical
music. Since 1980 Paolo Panerai has also developed a wine activity in Tuscany
for which he has been confered a title honoris causa from Providence University.