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November 18th

Stabilimenti Ferrari

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Tonino PERNA

Chairman, IT Holding

Growing by offering an impressive manufacturing platform and a powerful distribution channel to the most famous made in Italy brands. This is the
strategic vision for a unique business model, which drove Mr. Perna from the
manufacturing of blue jeans to the creation of IT Holding, a multi-brand Group
listed in 1997 at Italian Stock Exchange, totalling Euro 668 million of revenues
in 2003 and approximately Euro 700 million expected by the end of 2004. All
major Italian brands passed through the IT Holding plants: from Versace to
Dolce & Gabbana and Cavalli,which still represent a relevant part of consolidated
revenues of the Group. Following a multi-brand strategy, Mr. Perna started
with the own brands business, with three outstandings Italian brands:
Gianfranco Ferré (acquired in 2002 and now back to a success path), Malo
(the Italian luxury cashmere), and Extè (young and technological style).
Tonino Perna is a member of the International Board of Directors of the
Salomon R.Guggenheim Museum, New York City. He is married and has four sons.