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November 21th

Nhow hotel - Via Tortona 35

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President, Safilo Group

Born in Belluno, October 26th 1939.

Vittorio Tabacchi’s began working with Safilo on January 2nd 1970 as Manager. He was appointed to the Board of Directors on March 27th 1974. The most important of his many contributions to Safilo include the foundation of Safilo Ricerca (1980), the creation of a single production centre of small components for the entire Group (1981) and the completion of the Safilo plant in Longarone (22,000 m2 covered floor space – 1,200 employees) for the production of metal and titanium frames (1990).

Appointed President of the Safilo Group by the Board of Directors on May 18th 1993, he paid special attention to the reorganisation and overall restructuring of the Group, especially the North American and European branches, as well as to the opening of offices in the Far East, the UK, Greece, Holland, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Korea.

During his years as President, Group turnover increased from 260 billion lire (134.3 million euro) to 1025 million euro in 2005, when Safilo was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. A considerable contribution to Group growth was made with the strategic decision to develop the production of sunglasses. Sunglasses now account for over 50% of Company turnover, thanks also to partnerships with prestigious designers ( including Gucci, Dior, Armani, Valentino, Diesel, Max Mara and more) for the manufacture and distribution of glasses under licence.

Under his guidance, two companies were purchased in the first half of 1996: the Smith Sport Optics Inc. (USA), thereby bringing the Group into the sports sun glasses production sector; and Carrera Optyl (Austria), a key strength in the commercial strategy and development of the Group due to the international renown of the brand.

Tabacchi resides in Padua. He is married with two children, 35 and 31, both of which cover important positions within the company. On June 2004 he was awarded an honourary degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Padua.

He is the creator and founder of the Museo dell'Occhiale di Pieve di Cadore (1989), of which he is still chairman. He has also covered the following positions: president of ANFAO (National Association of Eyewear Manufacturers), Director of SIPAO, Chairman of the Museo dell'Occhiale di Pieve di Cadore, Chairman of the Fondazione Studi Tizianeschi Tiziano e Cadore, Member of the Pieve di Cadore city council for seven years, Chairman of the Associazione Amici dei Musei e Monumenti di Padova e Provincia. Vittorio Tabacchi was also appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro.