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November 25th

Milano - Via Röntgen, 1
Aula Magna - Università Bocconi

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Partner of A Consulting Co. Ltd (H.K.)

After graduating at the Istituto Universitario Orientale in Naples and 3 years as Research Student at Tokyo Waseda University, Mr. Addis has joined the Italian Institute for Foreign trade (ICE) in 1976.
With this agency, Mr. Addis has worked care of the ICE office in Tokyo (1976-1981), and at the Planning and Promotion Department at the agency's headquarters  in Rome (1985-1988). He served also in the USA at the agency's offices of Houston and Orlando (1988-1991).
He was then appointed back to Japan, care of the Tokyo office of ICE (1991-1997), to be sent in Rome again, as head of the Textiles and Apparel promotion section (1998-2000). In 2000, Mr Addis was appointed head of ICE’s Shanghai's office until 2004.
Due to his experience in Asia, Mr. Addis has witnessed the beginning and growth of the Western luxury products markets both in Japan (in the '70, '80 and '90) and in China (2000-2008).
Mr. Addis has participated to the planning and management of institutional campaigns aiming at promoting the image and knowledge of the Italian fashion system in Japan (1991-1996). He has been worked as a member of "Gruppo di lavoro Moda", a committee established by the Ministry for Foreign trade (1999-2000).
As the head of Shanghai office since the year 2000, Mr. Addis has started and managed the first integrated communication and promotional projects aimed at establishing, in the Chinese markets, the excellence of "Made in Italy" products in fabrics, yarns, jewellery, design furniture, etc.
Since 2005, Mr. Addis operates between China and Italy, working as consultant to Chinese and Italian firms.