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November 25th

Milano - Via Röntgen, 1
Aula Magna - Università Bocconi

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Founder and President, Hidesign, India

Dilip Kapur was born in New Delhi. At the age of six he moved to Pondicherry where he grew up in Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Went to school at Phillips Academy, Andover, and Massachusetts. He graduated From Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, USA in International Affairs. He then went on to complete his PH.D at University of Denver, School of International Studies in International Affairs.

It was while doing his PH.D Mr. Kapur took up a job in a leather company. It was during those nine months that he is really passion for leather craft and design developed.

He returned to India in 1977 to live in Auroville and started Hidesign as a one-man artisan shop. As a hobby in 1978 and has since masterminded Hidesign to its current leadership position.

He still teaches students at Auroville on International affairs.