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November 24th

Parterre - Palazzo Mezzanotte
Milan - Piazza degli Affari, 6

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Founder and Chairman, Technogym

Driven by an insatiable entrepreneurial ambition and a passion for mechanics, some 20 years ago at the age of 22, Nerio Alessandri created Technogym – The Wellness Company. Now the world leader in products and services for complete psycho-physical wellness and rehabilitation, the company has also spearheaded an all-round lifestyle based on regular physical activity, balanced diet and a positive mental approach. Wellness as a way of life, an improved quality of living, is an approach that embraces the individual and also contributes to better productivity while lowering health care costs.
Nerio Alessandri is at the helm of what is now an international company. Headquartered in Cesena Italy, where 1000 of the 1600 employees worldwide are based, the company also has 13 direct branches worldwide in Europe, Usa, Asia, Australia and exports 90% of its turnover to 100 countries. With innovation, design and human centric technology as all-embracing themes, Technogym is a company that shares its vision across the board with all employees and collaborators — so much so that in 2003 the company was awarded “Great Place to Work” praised as one of the top in Europe for it company culture and growth opportunities.
In less than 20 years Technogym has gone from its modest beginnings in a “small-town garage” to the Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens and Torino, where they were the official exclusive suppliers. In August 2008 Technogym has been for the fourth time Exclusive and Official supplier of the Olympic Games in Beijing where the company has equipped 20 gyms for 12,000 athletes taking part to the biggest sport event of the history. Not only does Technogym supply numerous European and international sports teams, like Ferrari Formula One, the most important professional soccer clubs in Europe and the most prestigious sailing America’s Cup teams amongst them Alinghi and Prada. To date more than 50,000 installations around the world are used by 20 million Technogym enthusiasts both in clubs and at home.
Since the late 90s, Alessandri has been walking his talk and laying out plans to give watershed for his dedication to “corporate social responsibility.” Projects to improve mobility and access for baby boomers at risk, those with disabilities and to combat obesity along with pathologies resulting from it. In 2003, the Wellness Foundation was formed to propose and promote a lifestyle for better health and sustain prevention.
In 2001 Alessandri was nominated ‘Cavaliere del Lavoro’ (Italian industry knighthood), becoming the youngest recipient in the country’s history.
In 2003 awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.
In 2003 Nerio Alessandri founded the Wellness Foundation, a non-profit body dedicated to raise awareness on Wellness to improve health and quality of life through scientific research and education.

In March 2004 becomes part of the Confindustria – Italian entrepreneurial Association - advisory board. April of the same year receives honorary degree in Sport Sciences from the University of Urbino and is presented with the Leonardo Award for Italian Quality in the president’s palace — the Quirinale — in Rome.
In 2005 the University of Bologna awards Alessandri with an honorary degree in Biomedical Engineering and the University of Bocconi with “Results Award” as a continual-growth enterprise.
In 2007 awarded entrepreneur of the Year by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy
In 2009 awarded entrepreneur of the Year in the category “Corporate Social Responsibility” by the UK Consulate in Italy.
In 2009 the World Heart Federation nominated Alessandri “World Heart Champion” for his commitment in tackling cardiovascular diseases though physical exercise

Nerio Alessandri, consistently with the Technogym Corporate mission, is promoting the Wellness culture with dedicated publications:
2001 the first book “Wellness. Choose to live well” – a manifesto of the Wellness philosophy
In 2007 Alessandri promotes the editing of “Wellness – History and Culture of Living well” a book examining the concept of Wellness from different perspectives, rediscovering its historical roots and identifying the various implications of wellness at various ages in life.
In 2008, in conjunction with the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Alessandri launches “A successful Life Begins with Wellness”, declination of the Wellness Concept in the Chinese society with the contribution of several Chinese opinion leaders.