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November 24th

Parterre - Palazzo Mezzanotte
Milan - Piazza degli Affari, 6

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Trabaldo Togna


Chairman, Trabaldo Togna and Saint Andrews

Luca Trabaldo Togna was born on October 28th , 1962 in Turin, Italy. In 1988 Luca starts to work at the Family owned Mill , Lanificio Trabaldo Togna S.p.A in the sales office. On January 1st,1996 has been appointed C.E.O. and from September 1st 1997 became Chairmann.
Together with his cousin Stefano Trabaldo Togna, today’s C.E.O., they relaunched the business developing an innovative product named "ESTRATO". ESTRATO represents the high-end of elastic fabrics made in pure natural fibres like cashmere, very fine wools, mohair and silk, absolutely 100% natural.
The passion for fabrics and for handicraft products of high quality will bring the Trabaldo Togna Family to the acquisition in April 2006 of the Saint Andrews S.p.A. Tailoring Company based in Fano Italy, a fine producer of traditional tailoring.
With this operation the Trabaldo Togna Family and its President wished to reconfirm the strong link with the ethical values of the made in Italy products.
Made in Italy which is not just a label but the real products truly made in Italy by the hands of specialized workers and in full respect of ecological, social and ethic rules.