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December 13th

Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento
Piazza della Signoria, Firenze

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di Marco

Patrizio DI MARCO

Chairman & Ceo, Gucci

Patrizio di Marco, 49, was appointed Gucci’s President and Chief Executive Officer in January 2009 having originally joined Gucci Group in 2001 as President and Chief Executive Officer of Bottega Veneta.  

Mr. di Marco’s comprehensive twenty year career has yielded an extensive knowledge of and unique sensibility for the luxury marketplace.  His professional experience is truly international, having held senior positions in Asia, Europe and America at various of the world's most respected luxury brands, and brings with it a profound understanding of how global fashion systems work today.

After starting his career at the sportswear division of GFT, Mr. di Marco spent five years in Japan where he worked as Prada’s CFO and Marketing & Merchandising Director.  As a director of joint venture companies between Prada and major partners in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore, he gained in-depth expertise of the Asian marketplace.  From 1993 to 1998, Mr. di Marco was President and CEO of Prada America.  He was then named Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication at Louis Vuitton Americas, where he further developed important ties to the US market.  Prior to joining Gucci Group, he was President and CEO of Celine, Inc.

Mr. di Marco’s broad luxury goods experience culminated when he took the helm of Bottega Veneta in 2001.  He achieved a remarkable turn-around, transforming the Italian brand from near bankruptcy into one of the world’s most exclusive and fastest growing luxury brands.  

As a champion of essential luxury in which quality and craftsmanship are paramount, Mr. di Marco has become known for his focused approach to the business. His support of the Made in Italy tradition is unwavering.  Mr. di Marco’s vision is now being applied to Gucci, where the storied Italian brand’s exclusive heritage and long-lasting values are emphasized in conjunction with its high fashion and aspirational style.