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December 13th

Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento
Piazza della Signoria, Firenze

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Mouse JI

Fashion Designer, Mouse Ji

Fashion designer

Created his own brand since year of 1993, based on English name Mouse(animal sign: mouse) Ji(family name: Ji)

His original major was Ceramic Art and Design, Has the profound traditional Chinese culture. Cooperation with the Italian fashion studios into the fashion design industry since the year of 1993. At beginning made “O.D.M” for many European brands, from these learned the European fashion culture and ideology.

He launched the European market based on his brand Mouse Ji and original design since the year of 2007.

Mouse Ji fashion integrated the Chinese traditional culture and European fashion cultural, then created a new fashion image. For the first time participate in the ‘Bread & Butter” show, and Who’s Next show in Paris, both got a great of success. Attracted many buyers, distributors and agents including Italy ones. Mouse even met several agents from the same country all wanted to be his exclusive agent in their country. Mouse Ji formated the sales network in Europe rapidly.

Mouse Ji’s design use the unconventional profile and cutting to talk about Chinese culture.

Use the non-clothing language to express the fashion.

Has developed a unique fashion design philosophy :
Unique but not pursue trends concepts
Simple but not smooth linesModern but not gorgeous styles
Plain but not normal cutting structures

Elegant but not sweet colors
has won
recognition of western markets

Mouse Ji in West

The first and the only eligible to participate in the world's most important exhibition of Chinese brands since year of 2006.

Berlin, Barcelona BREAD & BUTTER








Launched brand’s showroom in European and American main countries successively such as France, Italy, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Germany, Canada, , Spain and Australia etc.


Launched brand’s to the international sales network.

There have been 363 sales points…(MULTI BRAND STORE.) until Now .


Launched the brand into Pairs Galeries Lafayette since July 2009.

Opened fist exclusive shop in Moscow, Russia on 1st. Oct. 2011,


Mouse Ji in China

Opened 4 shops in China top department store.since begin of 2011

Will be opened 50 shops in 2012.