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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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President AIMPES and MIPEL

Giorgio Cannara was born in Busseto (PR), Italy, on the 11th November 11, 1945.
He lives in Parma, Italy. He has one daughter, Michela, and one son, Andrea. Both of them are partners with their father at Sander’s, a society which produces bags.
He graduated in high school in 1964, and in 1966 he performed as an Army Officer.

From 1967 to 1982 he worked at Bottonificio Cannara SPA starting as an employee but getting more and more responsibilities becoming the Head of Sales in Italy, and in addiction to it, he was in charge of the commercial area in France and Portugal, too. In 1979 he became the General Manager.
In 1982 he created SILVINER S.p.A., a company handling fashion accessories and in 1985 he acquired the historical SANDER’S brand and re-funded the company. In 1987 the two companies were merged, creating SANDER’S s.r.l. leather goods manufacturers in Parma.

Giorgio Cannara continues his career  becoming PARMA COUTURE President, an export consortium of companies in the fashion sector bringing together approx. 50 companies and in the same time he was  Head of Division for leather goods for GIA- Parma ( a group of artisan businesses).

He started his activity in AIMPES (Italian Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association) in1993: he was elected as a board member and since 1998 he appointed President of AIMPES SERVIZI srl, the operational arm of the association. He will cover the function of President with commitment and energy until today.

Since 2001 he was re-elected and appointed President of AIMPES and MIPEL, the most important International Leather Goods Exhibition in the world, held twice a year in Milan at FieraMilano Rho: 20.000 mq with approx. 400 exhibitors and 18.000 visitors. He was also PROMOPEL President, an exhibition organized by AIMPES which aims to promote and bring the best Italian leather goods companies to Japan, at Tokyo and Osaka.
In 2004 started his second mandate as President of AIMPES and MIPEL. At the same time he was also E.L.G.A. President the European Federation of the associations of Italy-Spain-France and he became member of the Confindustria Commettee for the safeguarding of brands and the struggle against counterfeiting.

The third mandate as President AIMPES and MIPEL started in 2007 and in 2009 he was also FIAMP President the federation of accessories associations: ANCI (Footwear), AIMPES (Leather Goods), FEDERORAFI (Jewellery), AIP (Furs) and ANFAO (Glasses). FIAMP represents 25.000 companies employing 200.000 staff and with sales worth € 18.000,00 million a year, 70% of which exports.

In 2011 he has been re-elected for the fourth mandate as AIMPES and MIPEL President. This represents a prestigious milestone who nobody has never reached since the foundation of the Association in 1946.