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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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President, Hangzhou Lesies Fashion Co., Ltd.

Mr. Qian Feng, Founder and Chief Designer of Hangzhou Lesies Fashion Co., Ltd., Chairman of Hangzhou Fashion Designers Association

As a well-known designer who has been playing a leading role in  the development of China’s women’s wear, Qian Feng has been exploring the integration of Chinese and Western costume cultures and the perfect match of design and handcrafts.He once led drawing up of the national standards of China’s women's wear.

With his persistent pursuit of art dreams, he founded the Lesies Fashion Co., Ltd. in 1993, and launched collections featuring intellectual elegance and sophisticate romance. Qian Feng combined his unique design ideas and brand strategies with the design ideas from international fashion design masters in Asia and Europe, and has made his brand Lesies one of the leading brands in China’s women’s wear market.

Qian Feng is not only an excellent designer, but also an artist who follows his heart, a successful entrepreneur as well as a social activist. With his great talents in design, charming personality, foresight and sagacity, he’s been doing tremendous contribution to the development of China’s women’s wear and training of young designers. He is thus reputed by the media as the leader among the designer brands of women's wear in China.