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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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Vittorio MISSONI

Ceo, Missoni

Vittorio Missoni was born in Milan on the 25th of April 1954.
His education begins in Lausanne Switzerland, where he attends the “Liceo Vilfredo Pareto”, a school specialising in Scientific Studies and where he takes his General Certificate of Education.

Immediately after the school, he decides to leave Italy and goes to England so as to improve his knowledge of English language. He spends two years in London working in one of the most important Department store. During this period, he learns the rudiments of the marketing and sales techniques.

After the English experience he comes back to Italy and starts working in his parents’ factory. He remains here a few years and then he leaves for the United States with the aim to improve the marketing techniques learnt in London. He spends two years in New York working in the marketing department of an important chain of stores as responsible of sales.

When he comes back to Italy he definitively joins his parents’ activity working in the factory as marketing executive.
In these years he travels a lot and promotes the Missoni brand throughout the world. He goes to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea where he succeeds in developing new important markets. Thanks to his skills in fact, exclusive Missoni Boutiques are created in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

He is soon appointed General Director of the Marketing Department of the Missoni Co. and is also President of the Missoni USA INC and of Missoni France SA. From 1985 he, together with his sister Angela and brother Luca, deals with advertisement, improving and renewing the style of the Missoni image. Moreover he develops licensee contracts and, in team with his family, he follows the creation and the sales of the Missoni main collections.

From January 2007 Vittorio Missoni handles the institutional affaires becoming the ambassador of the brand in the world.