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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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President, John Richmond. Vice President, CNMI

It was 1973 when the Italian entrepreneur Saverio Moschillo embarked on a career under the wings of his distinguished mentor Guido Ranieri. The “Moschillo empire” then started growing as a global reality that conquers the most important cities and roads that in Italy and abroad are linked to historical, cultural and architectural prestige. After having distributed important labels, Saverio Moschillo realizes that to enforce his professional image he needs to create an entire industry on his own. He starts to represent important participations in various companies also stipulating important long-term licensing agreements.

In the 90s Saverio Moschillo becomes partner of  John Richmond and begins to produce the collections in Falber, a high quality company in Forlì. The regular financial investments that are made for the brand, the development of the distributive network, a proficient communication strategy, an efficient production system, a deep honest friendship between the partners and a prepared and enthusiastic team are the ingredients that have taken the John Richmond brand to a new, higher level.
Husky and Rodolphe Menudier are the other brands included in the Moschillo group.

Moschillo now boasts several showrooms world-wide, over 9,000 clients and hundreds of employees: an empire steadily built on sheer determination and the insight of an all-round fashion operator: his skills and sensibility also earned him the office of Vice President in Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.