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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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Editor-in-chief Ladies&Gentleman, ClassEditori

Giulia Pessani was born in Milan. With a degree in Modern Literature from Cattolica University in Milan, she has been a professional journalist since 1994. She has worked at Class Editori throughout her professional career, starting off at the monthly magazine Class.

Since 2001 she has been the editor-in-chief at Gentleman, the monthly men’s lifestyle magazine that accompanies the economics and finance newspapers MF/Milano Finanza and ItaliaOggi. Building on the success of the Italian edition, in 2003 Gentleman began to expand into the international market and now has editions in seven languages. September 2012 saw the addition of the Korean version of the magazine, in partnership with the publisher JContentree M & B, a Korean market leader in the field of magazines, newspapers and TV. This year Gentleman developed, a lifestyle portal featuring rankings and news, as well as creating an App for iPhone and iPad, released in June to mark the 10th Anniversary Special issue. The autumn will also see the publication of the book Gentleman's Style in Italian and in English, which focuses on lifestyle, taste, ideas and products for gentlemen.

Since September 2009, Giulia Pessani has been the editor-in-chief of Ladies&Gentleman, the first women’s lifestyle magazine, which has been successfully developed out of Gentleman.
Giulia Pessani is also the editor-in-chief of Case&Country, the ClassEditori monthly magazine especially for people who love country life and travel.