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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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Mariangela PIRA

Professional Journalist

Mariangela Pira is a professional journalist.

At Class CNBC – on Sky Italy – she covers financial markets news and insights.

She was also the anchor for Esteri News, a newscast devoted to the Italian diplomatic scene produced by Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and broadcasted on the Ministry web site and on Class CNBC.

She contributes to the stock markets reports broadcasted on the news bulletins of the Italian network TgCom24.
Mariangela Pira began her career at the New York office of ANSA, Italy’s leading wire service, covering various trials and President George Bush’s first Inauguration Week.

In 2004, while working at Class CNBC, she was awarded a fellowship to China to learn Chinese. During her stay in China, she collaborated with various publications including MF, Panorama and Il Venerdì di Repubblica.

She has moderated over debates with groups such as Unesco, The European House Ambrosetti, Ubs.

Mariangela Pira is the author of “The new Chinese revolution” published by Hoepli.