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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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WU Zhize

President, Baoxiniao Group Co., Ltd.

As early as 1980, Mr. Wu Zhize established his first business in the clothing industry--Na-Shi Clothing Manufactory at age of 20. However, he abandoned the old family business model and founded the Baoxiniao Group in 1996. Under his leadership, the company developed fast, and has ranked into the top ten in China’s textile industry.

Under the goal of building an “international brand with national features”, Wu Zhize led his team, exploring the essence of traditional Chinese culture, and forming their unique brand culture of “a combination of East and West, old and new”. In front of the changing market, he’s been persistent with its multi-brands and multi-collections strategy. So far, the Group has six original garment brands, four international brands under license, three garment processing bases and over 2000 stores. The company succeeded in landing the A shares stock market in August 2007 and became the first clothing company going public in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.

Since 1998, Wu Zhize has been rewarded the “star manager with outstanding contributions” and “entrepreneur with merits” by the Wenzhou city for a succession of fourteen years. Among other awards, there are “top ten leader entrepreneurs in China’s clothing industry” in 2001, “outstanding contribution award” by China Fashion Association and one of the ten people of the year in Wenzhou private economy in 2003; “top ten brand managers in China” in 2005; listed as the 2005 Forbes China’s top philanthropists and 2006 China Mainland’s top philanthropists; one of “the thirty people who had an influence on Wenzhou economy since the reform and opening-up” and “top ten people of reform in Wenzhou” in 2008.

He had a saying as that a clothing business could last for a hundred year, yet it demands our life long efforts. With his team, Wu Zhize has been and will continue to work on his way to greater successes.