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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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XIA Guoxin

President, Shenzhen Ellassay Fashion Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xia Guoxin founded Shenzhen Ellassay Fashion Co., Ltd. in 1999 and served as the board chairman. As a leading brand in China's mid- to high-end female clothing market,ELLASSAY has been catering for a brand feature of fashion and elegance. Now the company has opened about 280 exclusive stores in most major cities in China.

In May of 2010, Mr. Xia was successfully elected as a member of the fifth Shenzhen Committee of CPPCC; in September, he was rewarded as the industry leader in recent 30 years in Shenzhen SEZ. Besides, he also takes on many social positions such as the vice-president of China National Garment Association (CNGA), vice-president of China Fashion Color Association, vice-president of Guangdong High-Tech Industry Chamber (GHIC), vice-president of Shenzhen Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (SZAEFI), director of the sixth board of Shenzhen Overseas Friendship Association, vice-president of Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, executive vice-president of Shenzhen Association of Cultural Creative Industry, as well as visiting professor at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), visiting professor at Tianjin Polytechnic University, and visiting professor at Textile and Fashion Department in the School of Art of Shenzhen University. He was also rewarded the Mundell World Manager Achievement Award (the top prize in the circle of Chinese economy and management) and other grand awards in fields of domestic economy, management and business in 2006; extraordinary entrepreneurs award at China Fashion Forum and Person of China’s Economy in 2007 which is known as the Oscar Award in field of China's economy; he was also one of the first winners of the 100 Industry Leaders in Shenzhen in 2011.

At the same time, Mr. Xia has also been playing an active role in the social responsibilities. He has made donations to Xin-Rong Hope Primary School in Lijiang of Yunnan province, to the earthquake hit areas in Wenchuan of Sichuan province, as well as to the international charity organization ORBIS, and China’s children aid project Sail of Music. Owing to all that he has done to the society, Mr. Xia was rewarded the honorary title of Children's Charity Ambassador in China.