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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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Alitalia - Compagnia Aerea Italiana ( is a completely private airline,
born on January 13th, 2009. Alitalia is Italy's leading airline operating more than 5,500 weekly flights in the Summer season 2012, across a network of 95 destinations - 28 of which in Italy and 67 in the rest of the world, with 25 million passengers served in 2011 and a fleet of 155 aircraft (as on August 31 2012).  

The Alitalia network is based at 7 airports: Rome, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Turin, Venice, Naples and Catania. In 2012 Alitalia enriched its network with new national and international connections from Roma Fiumicino airport.

Alitalia is a member of the SkyTeam alliance and in 2010 joined the airline industry’s leading trans-Atlantic Joint Venture with Air France-KLM Group and Delta Air Lines. This four-way joint venture provides customers with the benefits of a vast route network offering more frequencies, competitive fares and harmonized services on all trans-Atlantic flights.

A plan is underway to renew the fleet. In the period January 2009 to August 2012, a total of 51 long-haul and short-to-medium-haul aircraft were phased in. By the end of 2012 the fleet renewal plan will be marked by deliveries of further 8 aircraft.

With effect from 1 Jan. 2013, Alitalia’s Fleet will be among the youngest in the World with 6.5 years of average lifetime.

In 2011 Alitalia received, for the second year in a row, the award for the category ‘Best Airline Cuisine’ as best airline in the world for the quality of it’s on board meals. The prize has been awarded by the American magazine Global Traveler that had promoted a research among more than 36,000 frequent flyers on the excellences of the travel and tourism industry.


Consea has been operating since 1975. The company is a market leader both at national and international level. Consea was established in Turin with the sole aim of searching and selecting top management in the automotive field, with the core principle of "passion for people". As the business developed under this method, Consea widened its specialist methods into other fields, such as the mechanical, home appliance, textile and fashion, to great success. Driven by the demands of its services, Consea in 2005, once again led the way by being the first Italian recruitment company to have a Head Hunting office in the People's Republic of China. Consea success in meeting client's needs is driven by the experience of its specialized staff.
Consea supports clients providing the best candidates who can better fit their environment, with high quality, fast and customized service.
Since 2009 Consea set up a new business unit specializing in fashion, Consea Fashion&Retail, operating in Italy and abroad.
Currently Consea has owned offices in Italy, China, Poland and Brazil.

Consea can offer to their clients the following services:

  • Head hunting
  • Search with advertisement
  • Temporary management



Quality, expertise and courtesy
Kosmos can help you to break down language barriers and confidently negotiate your way around foreign markets. For 20 years, its broad network of experts has provided companies that operate beyond their national borders with outstanding language services and ensured that they present a competent, reliable image.
Kosmos is an ISO-certified company. Compliance with the ISO 9001 international standard and the EN 15038 European standard specifically for translation services ensures that its work is always of the very highest quality.

  • Translations in all of the world's main languages, for all fields and in all formats
  • Translation and localization of websites and software
  • Multilingual DTP with all Macintosh and Windows software
  • Liaison, conference and trade fair interpreting
  • Multilingual voice-overs and dubbing
  • International surveys and assistance with marketing and PR


SEA Group operates Milan's airport system under a forty-year Convention signed in 2001 between SEA and ENAC.
SEA and the SEA Group companies operate and develop Milano Malpensa and Milano Linate airports, guaranteeing all services and related activities, including aircraft landings and departures, airport security, passenger and cargo handling, and the continual development of a broad and varied range of commercial amenities for passengers, operators and visitors.
SEA Group also produces electrical and thermal energy to meet its own requirements and for sale on the open market.

Milan's airports are located in one of Europe's most economically developed regions and act as a bridge between the Mediterranean and Continental Europe. The geographical and economic position of SEA's airports benefits further from their location on one of the main trans-European transportation routes - TEN-t, facilitating the east-west movement of people and goods not only inside Europe but also with the Middle and Far East.

The GDP of Lombardy, the region in which Malpensa and Linate are situated, amounts to €311 billion, which represents 20.4% of Italy's gross domestic product. The region ranks second among European air traffic zones after Paris, and above London and Madrid.

The SEA Group airport system comprises:

  • Milano Malpensa airport, 48 km from Milan with links to the main cities of Northern Italy and Switzerland by rail (30 minutes from the city centre) and road, including motorways. 
Malpensa operates two passenger terminals and a cargo terminal: Milano Malpensa 1, with scheduled and charter flights for business and leisure customers to national, international and intercontinental destinations; Milano Malpensa 2, dedicated to high-end low-cost flights; Milano Malpensa Cargo, Italy's number one cargo airport in terms of goods carried, and one of Europe's busiest cargo airports;
  • Milano Linate, situated around 8 km from Milan, is Europe's closest city airport, with links to urban public transport. It is dedicated to frequent flyer customers on the most popular domestic and EU routes.

Following the liberalization of landside services, SEA created SEA HANDLING on 1 June 2002. The SEA Group company provides a range of handling services to the airlines: ticketing, check-in, boarding / disembarkation of passengers, lost & found, loading / offloading of baggage, goods and mail, aircraft cleaning and various essential ground services.
The company is owned 100% by SEA SpA.