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July 1st

Triennale di Milano - Teatro dell’Arte

Viale Emilio Alemagna 6, Milano

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Venturini Fendi


President and Artistic Director, Carmina Campus

Ilaria is the youngest of three sisters who, as young girls, began to breathe the air of the atelier in the family’s shop, which decided their future. But Ilaria also grew up very close to her father, a businessman with many interests who, whenever free from work, used to take her with him to the country. He taught her to love animals, to appreciate the work in the fields, to understand the fragile balance of nature. Ilaria always nurtured this strong tie with the environment and when she decided to leave the Fendi group where she was working as designer she could fulfill her dream of running a farm located in an archaeological park at the gates of Rome.

After a few years completely dedicated to the land and marked by a strong lifestyle’s change, her creative side re-emerged.

It was the right time for the birth of Carmina Campus, a project that Ilaria could endow with different values. She could resume loving her old job, resorting to the great know-how she had acquired over time as designer of high quality accessories. Today she carries on both activities, being an organic farmer but also a designer of recycled materials and successfully balancing passion for nature and enthusiasm for sustainable creativity.