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November 27th

University Bocconi

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Giovanni BURANI

CEO, Mariella Burani Fashion Group

Giovanni Burani joined MBFG in 1989 with responsibility for the Group’s strategic development. As CEO of MBFG, Mr. Burani was the driving force behind the Group’s Initial Public Offering in July 2000, and has led the Group to become one the leading players in the accessible luxury goods market with Apparel, Leather Goods, and Fashion Jewellery collections created, produced, and distributed world-wide under its own brands and under license for renowned international designers.

Giovanni Burani steered the company from € 150 million of revenues generated in the year 2000 to € 668 million of revenues in 2006 via an aggressive expansion strategy. The Group’s revenue growth over the past six years (+27%) has been accompanied by significant strategic, operational and organisational developments spearheaded by Mr. Burani which have driven the more than proportional growth in operating margins (+47% Ebitda) and net earnings (+64%) over the same period. The market capitalisation of MBFG on September 28, 2007 was € 689 million.

Mr. Burani is President and Chairman of the Board of Antichi Pellettieri, a member of the Board of Directors of Greenvision and Bioera, the Executive Chairman of Burani Designer Holding and a valuable strategic and financial advisor to the respective Groups.

Antichi Pellettieri was established (as the Leather Goods division of MBFG) to house the Leather Goods companies of MBFG in 2001. The Company is the European Leader in the accessible segment of the luxury goods market and was quoted on the Expandi Segment of the Italian stock exchange in June, 2006 with a market capitalisation at September 28, 2007 of € 428 million.

Greenvision was founded in the 80’s and Mr. Burani, a strategic advisor since 2002, helped transform the business into what is today one of Italy’s leading environmental groups; quoted on the Expandi segment of the Italian Stock Exchange in July, 2004, the market capitalisation of Greenvision on September 28, 2007 was € 129 million.

Bioera was founded in 2004, when Mr. Burani aggregated a Group of long established businesses operating in complementary segments of the health sector under a single roof to jointly respond to consumers’ growing interest in improved health and personal well being. Bioera was subsequently recapitalised and, in July 2005, was successfully quoted on the Expandi segment of the Italian Stock Exchange with market capitalisation on September 28, 2007 of € 92 million.

Burani Designer Holding was established with the objective of becoming a leading provider of “Italian lifestyle” products worldwide through investments in operating companies mainly active in the accessible luxury goods market. BDH was quoted on the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange in June 2007 and the market capitalisation at September 28, 2007 was € 587 million.