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November 27th

University Bocconi

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Advisor of the Value Partners Luxury Goods, Retail and Italian lifestyle practice

Giacomo Santucci is Advisor of the Value Partners Luxury Goods, Retail e Italian lifestyle practice.

He matured his career in the luxury goods sector and thanks to his creative and industry skills he has become the principal promoter of "Made in Italy" throughout the world. He mainly focuses on strategic processes, product development and merchandising. He has gained a strong expertise in creating new markets, in operations, as well as in joint ventures and licences management.

Chairman and managing director of Gucci Division and vice president of Group Industrial Operations. Previously in Prada as leader of the Pacific area, where he developed the distribution network and the retail sector. He also managed the Luxury and Accessories practice in McKinsey after an experience in Ferragamo. Degree in Nuclear Engineering from the Paris Polytechnic; MBA from Bocconi.