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November 25th

Milano - Via Röntgen, 1
Aula Magna - Università Bocconi

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Head Designer, Kira Plastinina Fashion Company

Kira Plastinina was born in Moscow on 1st June 1992, the same day as Marilyn Monroe.
Her passion for drawing began when she was a child when she dreamed of drawing horses and creating the clothes she wanted to wear.
Kira has always known that one day she would have been a designer and her dream came true in 2007 when she became the creator of a line which carries her name: “Kira Plastinina”.
In less than a year, Glamour magazine bestowed an award on her in 2007, her first one, as “Woman of the Year”, in the “Revelation” category.
But apart from demonstrating an unexpected talent, Kira is still a 15-year old girl and like all young girls of her age, she loves dancing and spending time with her friends; and following her favourite sport: horse riding.
Kira attends an Anglo-American school in Moscow and speaks fluent English and French. She loves animals and has three pets: a dog, a cat and a horse.
But work takes up much of Kira’s time, especially as she knows she still has much to learn. In fact, her next step is to attend the high-status St Martin’s School in London.
The creativity of her collections is admired by young women between the ages of 15 and 25, who, although maintaining their own style, follow sometimes the up-to-date trend, which is a well-defined target in the young and modern ex-Soviet Union, and this has helped bring about the rapid commercial success of the trademark together with the opening of more than 40 shops in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. An international opening in which many celebrities participated, like the famous British pop-star Jamelia.
Kira is certainly the most fashionable designer at the moment for young Russians. Apart from designing collections full of fantasy, she is also the official stylist for
“Star Factory”, a Russian television show comparable to the American “American Idol” and the Italian “Amici”.
The date of her first fashion parade was March 14th 2007, followed in October by a second fashion show during the Moscow Fashion Week where, amongst many special guests, Paris Hilton flew especially from Los Angeles to be with her.
On January 28th 2008 Kira made her international debut within Rome Fashion Week “AltaRoma AltaModa” and received an award from the government of Rome as the most talented and youngest designer.
On May 2, 2008 the 1st Kira`s store in the USA was opened. On June 14, 2008 Kira hosted a fabulous brand launch party in LA with many Hollywood celebrities. By the summer 2008 Kira has 8 stores in Los Angeles, New York, Stamford, Las Vegas. Now she studies in the 11th grade and works intensely both in Russia and USA.