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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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President & CEO, Caruso

Umberto Angeloni was born in Rome in 1952 and graduated from Rome University in Economics in 1977.
He has an MBA from the Ivy Business School in Ontario, Canada. In Chicago, he worked in the financial industry and then as a Visiting Professor of Microeconomics at Loyola University (1984-1993).

Angeloni was CEO and co-owner of Brioni from 1990 and transformed the company from a men’s wear manufacturer with an annual turnover of € 20 million into the BrioniGroup, a leading international luxury lifestyle brand, achieving a tenfold in turnover by 2006.

From 1999 to 2005, Angeloni wrote and published several books in his “The Art of Living Well” Series, which was dedicated to the various passions of modern gentlemen.
Angeloni divested his shares in the Brioni Group in 2007 to acquire, at the end of 2008, a major stake in Raffaele Caruso SPA, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.
His vision is to develop a strong identity for the Caruso brand by communicating its core values, extending its product range, and reaching the foreign markets that are most receptive to high-quality Italian men’s clothing.

In 2009, Umberto Angeloni launched UMAN, an innovative brand of luxury men’s wear, which is dedicated to the “Modern Rich”, the new class of affluent, educated and savvy consumers. UMAN has introduced a new silhouette of formal suit and a line of jackets designed for sophisticated passions and special occasions, which are available only in the top stores in each major market.

In 2012 he acquires another stake in Caruso Spa reaching 80% of the shares; he is currently its President and C.E.O. The Company has developed a new business model specializing in “project manufacturing” with the best international menswear brands and owns a proprietary brand positioned in the top ranking of the menswear market.

Angeloni was the President of several institutions for the promotion of Made in Italy, including “Classico Italia” (1995-1998) and “Ente Moda Italia”(1997 -2000), and is a member of the “Comitato Leonardo” and the “Fondazione Altagamma”.

He is regularly asked to speak at important conventions on the Luxury industry, such as those organized by the Financial Times, the International Herald Tribune, and American Express.