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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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Di Sabato


President, Assomoda and Assotemporary

From Terni, Italy, Giulio Di Sabato went to study at Columbia University in New York in 1984 and graduated with a Political Science degree from Western State University.

After completing his studies in the US he returned to Italy and founded SARI SPAZIO SRL, one of the most prominent showrooms in Milan with a prestigious Italian & international client portfolio.

In the following years he establishes himself as an important agent and distributor in the fashion business.

Sensing the potential in emerging markets such as the Middle, Far East, CSI, Russia and Eastern Europe, he builds a strong distribution network in more than 50 countries worldwide, distributing exclusively well-known brands meanwhile scouting and promoting young designers.

His passion for fashion, in the broadest sense did not subside there as in 2003, Giulio promotes the Ethical Codes for the Fashion Agent established by Milan’s Chamber of Commerce.

Due to this significant step, that same year in October he is elected President of Assomoda, one of the most important Associations for  Italian and European Agent/Distributors. Furthering this nomination he is also elected President of Assotemporary, which is an international association for temporary shops and showrooms that is protecting emerging areas in marketing and communications for the fashion industry.

And today he is also a member of the National Chamber for Italian Fashion, advisor to FNAARC (National Federation of Trade Representatives and Agents Associations) and also a consultant to Russia’s Fashion Week.