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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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MIAO Hongbing

President, Beijing White Collar Co., Ltd

Mr. Miao Hongbing, who makes fashion clothes for women, who sells clothes at the price of a car, who embeds arts and details to the marrow, who creates new originality every minute, who knows how to grasp style in the complicated environment, who could impact the fashion industry of China and who manages a high profile lifestyle, is chairman of Beijing White Collar Co., Ltd and a doctor of Business Administration.

In the last six years at the end of last century, Mr. Miao Hongbing created the well-known brand “White Collar” that represents the orientation of Chinese fashion industry. “White Collar” has become a world-renowned brand of ready-to-wear. It subverts the traditional business model, and demonstrates a high profile brand with its endless innovative designs, perfect application of visual arts, unique business concepts and constant reproduction of experience marketing.

Mr. Miao Hongbing and his fashion clothes kingdom have been constantly writing a legend in the history of China’s fashion industry. He created a marketing miracle with a day saleroom of over one million yuan in a shop. The brand new business model he created, combining visual arts, architectural arts and gardening arts with the life closely, brings unprecedented shock and impact to the retail industry. With the geometrically rapid growth of the enterprise, “White Collar” has won a series of honors: the first place of China Fashion Clothes Brand Annual Award, the most influential women's brand in China, the most popular women's brand, the most fashionable brand in China, and the most valuable women's brand in China and so on, becoming a leading brand of China’s fashion industry.

Mr. Miao Hongbing himself, with brilliant performance, excellent management skills and high-powered personal charisma, has been honored as one of the outstanding figures of Chinese clothing industry, one of the 10 leaders of Chinese clothing industry and so on. He joins China Entrepreneur Club (CEC) as one of the 24 top Chinese entrepreneurs on behalf of Chinese fashion industry. Mr. Miao highly cares arts and details. He manages business from a global perspective, creating the fastest logistics in China’s fashion sector and the highest square-meter efficiency of fashion retail, and building a global value chain system shared by partners all over the world. Mr. Miao engraves his value concept deeply in the brand and energetically promotes it to the mainstream society of China. Mr. Miao has been devoted to fulfill the life mission in his mind: to inspire people to actively create value, make themselves and others happier, and realize the meaning of life.