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September 07 - 08th

Milan, Palazzo Mezzanotte

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ZHOU Changqing

President, L’Officiel China

L'OFFICIEL CHINA is an important fashion magazine in China which enjoys the reputation of “Fashion Bible”. Since its commencement in 1980, it plays the leading role in Chinese fashion circle. It has recorded the initiation of Chinese fashion culture and the development of Chinese fashion industry since the years. Moreover, it witnessed the history of Chinese fashion industry from the very beginning to its prosperity, by means of gorgeous pictures and graceful writings. It not only pioneered the Chinese fashion culture, but also laid the foundation of its own fame in the international fashion world, relying on its status of the first fashion publication in China. In the past 30 years, L'OFFICIEL CHINA constantly adhered to the aim “leisure, intelligence and quality”, walking gracefully in the forefront of Chinese fashion circle, just like an elegant and poised woman.

Mr. ZHOU Changqing is the President of L’OFFICIEL and at the same time an artist. He always believes and promotes the lifestyle of “elegance, intelligence and quality”. He has been managing the first fashion magazine in China since 1999. In more than 10 years, he cooperated with L’officiel, and facilitates the development of Chinese fashion industry. Now L’OFFICIEL China is a media group including magazine, digital media, fashion events, cultural & brands trading, artworks exhibition etc.