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October 18th

Palazzo Regione Lombardia - Auditorium Testori

Piazza Città di Lombardia 1, Milano

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Umberto BASSO

Head of Innovation, H-ART AKQA

Umberto Basso

Treviso, 10.07.1969

2015 VP, Head of Innovation - H-ART AKQA (, now part of AKQA)

2011 VP, Head of Media and Advertising products at H-ART (, bringing the most innovative trends and formats in digital advertising across vertical markets.

2005 Founder and CEO at H-care (, now part of H-Care is a leading developer of user-friendly technology platforms for multi-channel self-service support on sales and customer care across web and IVR, featuring real-time dynamic content output via human-like digital assistants and speech interaction. Sample clients: Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Banco Bradesco, Tele2, AKBANK.

2005 Co-Founder of H-Farm Ventures ( one of the first venture incubators in EMEA.

2004 Founder and CEO, Aiino ( Aiino is a consumer electronics design and manufacturing firm, focused on smart accessories.

1998 Co-Founder of E-TREE (now NTT Data), one of the fist and the fastest growing digital agencies in Italy. Roles: Head of Innovation and Managing Director.

Active since mid-80' in the pre-internet social network arena through the very first Bulletin Board Systems across Europe and USA. Passions: Making stuff, mixing electronics and other hardware; driving classic cars and motorbikes; occasionally a citizen in 2003 and 2005 at the Burning Man, Black Rock City (Nevada).