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October 18th

Palazzo Regione Lombardia - Auditorium Testori

Piazza Città di Lombardia 1, Milano

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Founder, Depop

Born in Milan in 1974, Simon immediately developed a taste for industrial design.

Simon was so passionate about it that after studying art in high school he enrolled in the polytechnic university to pursue his dream of becoming an Industrial Designer. However, after a few months as a university student, he was forced to drop out and start working in a graphic design studio.

In 1998, together with his brother Daniel, they opened a graphic design studio where in 2001 they designed a free pocket magazine called PIG Magazine.

After only seven issues the publication hits the newsstands, becoming a sensation.

Indeed, it was the first Italian magazine focusing on emerging music, fashion and design talent.

In 2006 Simon’s brother embarked on a new venture with an eyewear project, starting the “Retrosuperfuture” brand.

At “Super”, Simon quickly got involved with product strategy and marketing, while continuing to run PIG Magazine.

The two brothers outsourced the production of their glasses to a well-established Italian company, propelling the brand to popularity even among celebrities, in as little as a year.

Despite the success of both businesses, Simon was keen to follow his passion for digital technology.

Simon came up with the idea of Depop during the last months spent with the magazine, while thinking about the development and design of a mobile shop for the magazine, allowing advertising brands to sell their products. This idea, motivated Simon to leave his other projects to invest in the digital business.