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October 16th

Museo della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Via San Vittore 21, Milano

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Nerio Alessandri was born in Cesena on April 8th, 1961. After education as an industrial designer, in 1983, at just 22 years of age, he founded Technogym, today’s world leading company offering products and digital services for wellness, fitness, sport and rehabilitation. The first pieces of gym equipment, designed and built in his own garage, are the result of his enthusiasm for sport and his skills for design and technology. In the early 90’s in a market dominated by the American stereotype of fitness, Alessandri from Italy launched a new vision, Wellness a lifestyle with roots deep in the ancient Roman saying of “mens sana in corpore sano”. Wellness is a lifestyle that aims at improving the quality of life thanks to regular physical activity, a healthy diet and a positive mental attitude. Thanks to Wellness, Nerio Alessandri has transformed a business based on hedonism into a social business: from looking good to feeling good, from a small niche of fitness enthusiasts in perfect shape to the possibility of involving the entire population. Through design, technology and digital innovation, Technogym has brought wellness all over the world. Today Technogym is a world leader company in fitness and wellness and 40 million people train with Technogym every day, in 80 thousand wellness centres and 200 thousand private homes all over the world. Technogym is a global brand and official supplier to the last 7 editions of the Olympic Games, chosen by sports professionals and celebrities world-wide and recognized in the market as a reference both in terms of technology and style. Alongside the business of Technogym, starting from experience acquired in the wellness sector over the years, in 2003 Nerio Alessandri created the Wellness Foundation, the expression of his personal commitment to promoting wellness culture and lifestyle. Wellness Foundation is active both internationally - by promoting scientific research and wellness education with its own project and via cooperation with public and private institutions such as the World Economic Forum - and locally in the Italian region of Romagna in which it has created the Wellness Valley project, the first wellness district in the world. In line with his personal mission of spreading wellness as a social opportunity for all stakeholders – Citizens, Companies and Government - Nerio Alessandri over the years has advocated the Wellness culture even through three dedicated publications:

• In 1993 the book “Wellness. Scegli di vivere bene” (Wellness. Choose to live Well) is published, an authentic manifesto of the Wellness philosophy.

• In 2007 he contributes to "Wellness – the History and Culture of Living Well" (Sperling & Kupfer), a book which traces the history of Wellness and examines its thematic aspects across 12 original essays written by preeminent Italian academics.

• In 2014 he publishes the book “Born to Move” (Baldini & Castoldi), the story of Technogym from the garage to the Wellness Economy.