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October 16th

Museo della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Via San Vittore 21, Milano

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Partner PwC, Retail&Consumer Consulting Leader

Erika Andreetta, Partner PwC leads the Retail and Consumer Goods consulting practice in Italy, with special focus on the Luxury market. With a background in management engineering, she enters PwC's consulting practice in 1999 and has since then been involved in the Luxury, and more general, Fashion sector, first with a European reach and after taking on a leadership role focussing on companies in Italy. She has been actively involved on important internationalisation projects of main players in the Chinese market, and was a recognised member of the PwC's CINDIA (China - India) desk from 2000 to 2006.

In the last few years she was actively involved in system projects from reshoring to the international development of companies adhering to the "High Potential" initiative. Observant when it concerns the evolution of the consumer, she has been analysing the trend and impact of multi channels in the "Made in Italy" sector, through the Total Retail Survey (32 countries, 24.500 consumers) and the Italian insights on Millennials and Generation Z.