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October 16th

Museo della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Via San Vittore 21, Milano

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President and CEO,Herno; President Pitti Immagine

A passion for contemporary art and for sports, and a mission: be an ambassador of the best Made in Italy. Claudio Marenzi, 56-year-old, re-launched Herno, a company set up by his father Giuseppe in 1948, projecting the business in an international environment. Appointed as Chief Executive Officier in 2007 and as President in 2011, he has always placed his work to a strong local roots, to the retention control of the creative and productive parts and to the pursuit of functionality beyond aesthetic in the products. Today Herno is a well known luxury brand that grows day by day: in 2017 the turnover is close to 100 millions. The export value represents 70% of the total business turnover.

Claudio Marenzi believes in the cooperation among the companies of Italian industry. From July 2013 to March 2018, Marenzi led Sistema Moda Italia, a federation with more than 405,000 workers and more than 47,200 companies. The initiatives promoted under his administration are many: from the support of the Made in Italy, to the recognition of the importance of the sustainability and quality awarness trough the creation of the sustainability, research and innovation Commission, to activities focused on the internationalization and the recognition of the “Made in” regulation. Moreover, SMI under the guide of Marenzi is giving a great support to the economical relaunch plan, in order to reinforce the trade show system, reshoring and reverse factoring projects as a support of Italian fashion companies of the field. During his first years as president of SMI Marenzi has also been nominated vice president and counselor of PITTI Immagine & counselor of CFMI – Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana. Appointed President of Ente Moda Italia in 2016, Marenzi is from 2017 the new President of Pitti Immagine. In 2016 at only 54 years old Marenzi received the honor of Cavaliere del Lavoro. Furthermore, since March 2017 is designated Chairman of Confindustria Moda, a Confindustria’s federation which represents more than 580,000 workers and 67,000 companies. Created in 2017, the federation was strongly supported by Marenzi to strengthen, promote and protect the Italian fashion, textile and accessory industry worldwide.