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October 16th

Museo della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

Via San Vittore 21, Milano

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Architect and Designer founder, PS+A

Roberto Palomba, co-founder of Palomba Serafini Associati, for over 25 years designing products that escape the trends. First of all, he has a philosophical approach: the search for essence in every project, closer to the concept of balance, the goal of his work is not only an aesthetic result but the well-being. A bold design, without inconsistencies, equidistant from the excess in the decoration and radical minimalism, the result of a selection of values and themes rather than a downsizing project. The organic form and the squareness, incoherent worlds that he’s been able to make them talk to each other, for example in the bathroom world that recognizes him as absolute protagonists.

A design which aims to bring the greatest number of people together, it is not random that his research has mostly focused on industrial molds and serial production, for a more democratic vision, but he doesn’t consider a crime the search for that part of the artisan tradition that can preserve and pass on the culture of Italian knowledge making, confirming his dualistic and curious nature. Their sign is mature and controlled, which binds coherently like a fil rouge, very different projects, where every function, every shape, every aesthetic is transverse in a temporal dialogue from one object to another from one company to another, a deconstructed vocabulary that generates a free vocabulary because as he claim “No freedom can restrict the freedom of others”.

In 25 years he has investigated practically all the types of furniture, dressing with emotions the functions without ever being repetitive even if they are recognizable. Their products are born to last, not only in the market but especially as companions, silent and faithful in the lives of the people who choose them, this is the key to his success, the ability in a world that screams and desperately tries to be recognized, the desire to become abstract, to give lasting happiness and well-being, by participating rightfully in the customs of everyday life. Roberto Palomba say "It would be easier to use decorations and figures of speech than to investigate politeness", his ability to project over the years has influenced many areas and has recently landed in architecture, boating and contract following the bulimic curiosity that has never left him. He received numerous international awards and recognitions such as Compasso D’Oro, Elle Decoration International Design Award, Red Dot, Design Plus, Good Design Award and German Design Award.

He collaborates and he is art director for some of the most established brands - brand Credits: Artemide, Alias, Benetti, Bisazza, Boffi, Brix, Cappellini, Dornbracht, Driade, Elmar, Exteta, Ethimo, Fiam, Flaminia, Foscarini, Giorgetti, Kartell, Kartell by Laufen, Kos, Laufen, Lema, Maserati, Poltrona Frau, , Salviati, Samsung, Tubes, Valli&Valli, Viccarbe, When Objects Work, Zanotta, Zucchetti.