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29 Ottobre

InterContinental Shanghai Expo

1188 Xueye Road, Pudong Shanghai

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Kazunari SHIRAI

Ceo, Sequedge Group

Born in Osaka, Japan, on 6th August 1972.
He took over his father’s business when the father passed away in 1998. The Japan economy was at the bottom, being in the middle of the financial institution crisis at that time. The company, of which total asset amounted around US$ 2 billion at that time, also faced difficulties, but he successfully turned around the company with his high levels of strategic management knowledge and entrepreneur spirits.
He then formed a very unique global investment group, Sequedge Group, specialized in principal investment in companies utilizing only its own capital. The uniqueness comes from its investment style. Sequedge does not only invest money in the target companies but also operate the business together with the people there, when the operation by Sequedge is expected to have synergy effects on the financial investment or Sequedge’s growth overall. Sequedge is aiming at the fusion of financial investment and operations of actual business, backed by innovative technologies of business management.
As a result of Shirai’s eagerness of managing real businesses, he runs a variety of companies and businesses. The group runs a Japanese media company having 14 subsidiaries in 11 countries. Also, though totally different from the financial world, it operates one of the largest nursing home complex for the elderly in Japan. The complex, having 400 residents and founded based on the donation of more than US$ 20 million by Sequedge, introduced many innovative methods of care-giving. To study the methods, the President of Denmark visited the complex last year.
In the recent years, he has focused on the Chinese private equity business. Having a Sequedge subsidiary in Fuzhou, he made a series of successful investments in Chinese companies.
Not only from business point of view, but Shirai is also keen to pursue the business management from academic point of view. He started to give lectures to the students as Advisor to the Master of Business Administration course at Rikkyo University in Tokyo.
Lastly, he loves fashion very much and he has been an enthusiastic fan of CoSTUME NATIONAL for more than a decade. The trustworthy relationship between Shirai and Mr. Ennio Capasa led to the present business partnership.