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November 18th

Stabilimenti Ferrari

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Fedeli is a brand connected to a defined style, a style that becomes a real way of being , in which the value is mirrored by the intrinsic quality of things, a perfect union between the highest Italian manufacture and threads of excellent quality, interpreting the new classical Italian fashion according to the current aesthetic rules and contemporary life style. Thanks to the technical experience it has gained in seventy years of activity, the company Fedeli can use and process all threads: cotton, linen, silk, yet its specificity is in the production of cashmere knitwear. Thanks to the manufacture of two man- and woman-collections per season, Fedeli can offer a wide range of products which, besides the knitwear, also include upper-body wear like cashmere-wound sport-coats, and a selection of accessories that vary according to the season, from hats, scarves and gloves in winter, to golf-shirts, shirts, swimming trunks, bags and beach towels in the summer collection. Every collection can always offer new chromatic ranges with different patterns, for a modern glamour together with the classy style and elegance that, since the very beginning, have always characterized Fedeli’s production.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo and Fashion. Two separate worlds and one great affinity, which has long seen them together in starring roles. Apart from being a keen interpreter of mood fashion, in fact, Alfa Romeo enjoys a well-established partnership with the Chamber of Italian Fashion.


Nescafè is in Italy the leader on soluble coffee market. Since 1983, when he was born, he was able to update through the last fashion and tendency. Nescafè is able to understand and satify owns consumer's desires. Nescafè is not only a product, but also the symbol of real style of life. Nescafè is always present in every moments of the day, during relax time and busy one. With Nescafè "Red Cup" he represents the modern style to drink a coffee.

S. Pallegrino

Along with fashion and design, S.Pellegrino mineral water is one of the international symbols of the Italian way of living. The most exclusive hotels and restaurants in the world serve this famous Italian mineral water with the red star on the label. There are no fashion events at which S.Pellegrino mineral water doesn't play a role, and the same applies to sailing regattas, the water sport that more than any other attracts a public of refined enthusiasts.

Caffé Vergnano

Vergnano is truly proud of its heritage. Our company based in Turin, Piedmont, was established in 1882 and is today amongst the top 5 roasters in Italy. The activity has constantly expanded and can now count 8000 square metre roasting plant with five packing lines, two PROBAT giant coffee roasters and special quality control programs implementing electronic scanners and a state of the art fully automatic laser technology system for monitoring perfect coffee grinding. Only premium quality green coffee is used in the traditional slow roasting process for the production of our special coffee blends, coffee pods and our new biological coffee. The company has several new projects to launch, such as new flavoured coffees and a major franchise of highly qualified in-store roasting coffee shop’s.

Gruppo Maggiore

Thank to its long experience in the industry and to its precise knoledge of Italy’s culture and territory, Gruppo Maggiore has built a diversified system of solutions that aims at solving all the needs of autotransportation in the country. From this idea stemmed both Maggiore Rent and Maggiore Fleet. New initiatives constantly propose ways of satisfying the changing needs of clients, among which individuals, families, Companies, big organizations.

Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch is one of the world's leading financial management and advisory companies with offices in 36 countries and total client assets of approximately $ 1.4 trillion. As an investment bank, it is a leading global underwriter of debt and equity securities and strategic advisor to corporations, governments, institutions, and individual worldwide. Through Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, the company is one of the world's largest managers of financial assets, with assets under management of $ 473 billion.


Flair, an international name meaning talent, taste, elegance, is the new Mondadori high target female magazine. Contemporaneity, style and simplicity are the three key words which define it. Flair is a magazine able to capture newness in every field, from subjects of great interest to photography and showbiz, from thought to science and wellness, from technology to design. A magazine dealing of fashion, style and beauty with a precise vocation: to advance trends and to intercept the signs of change, by suggesting routes of clever shopping. Fashion and beauty reports are carried out by the best photographs out of the international panorama loving the taste of research without falling into the gratuitous experimentalism. Flair is the best interpreter of the desire for moderation, for elegance and beauty among female magazines, whose distinctive feature is the refined simplicity together with a lively and always surprising rhythm. A magazine with a high target: adult-young women in contact with the world and with themselves well integrated in the workplace, but anyway careful to loves and emotions. Clever women aiming to know more, to discover, to face. Female, sometimes daring women with a strong personal style, who thoroughly appreciate the pleasure of life. Chief editor: Valeria Corbetta


WGSN is the world's leading online research, trend analysis and news service, created to aid and inspire every organisation involved in the many fast-moving and interrelated style industries. Launched in early 1998 by founders Julian and Marc Worth, WGSN is sweeping the style industry, being viewed as the most dynamic and successful service to emerge online. More on

Gruppo CNL

CNL Group - vision, innovation and character. The CNL Group was founded in 1980 when the Milanese businessman Aldo Ceccarelli, a man with a profound passion for the sea, took over the Cantieri Navali Lavagna. His view was clearly expressed when setting out his company aims - To create hand-built aluminium boats that were solid, fast and very beautiful. CNL has since launched aluminium yachts and megayachts with unmistakeable personality. These craft belong to the upper sector of the market, thanks to the light weight and durability of aluminium, and offering high cruising speeds and autonomy for long distance voyages. The spacious interiors have been designed to offer the maximum in sophisticated, elegant comfort for those who want to live the sea with no limits. On the international luxury scene, Admiral is unmistakeable in its sector. All the yachts are ABS or RINA certified and thus their reliability and safety are guaranteed. Needless to say, even the smallest detail is personally taken care of by skilled craftsmen and technicians, all under the careful eye of the Quality Assurance Manager. The production line-up includes classics like the Admiral 31 and Admiral 33 that are undergoing continual evolution in terms of both style and technology. New projects include the three decks semi-displacement hulled Admiral 40, that combines superb onboard living conditions with real performance (26 knots), and also Admiral 42 and Admiral 45. The Admiral Challenger range is completely new - The Challenger 85’ and Challenger 120’ are two sports models marking CNL’s debut in the open category that today is seeing massive growth.


Flybaboo flies to Suisse, Italy, France and Spain. Flybaboo is a young Suisse airline company directed by Julian Cook. The first flight dated November 3 th 2003 was in cooperation with the german Cirrus Airlines, Lufthansa partner. Since may 2004 Flybaboo operates with own aircrafts, Dash 8 Q300 turboprop with 50 places. The company structure consists of 45 employes, 18 pilots and 9 flight attendants. Flybaboo developed different subscription formulas to suit your needs and give you the booking flexibility you always dreamed of as a frequent traveller. Up to two hours before the departure of a flight you can with a simple phone call and for free change the date of your flight, change the name of the passenger, cancel your flight.


Euphon is the most important Italian independent Group in the sector of television and multimedia production. It is a leading group in broadcasting, in business communication and edutainment; its activities are focused within three business areas: television production and post-production; audiovisual systems and events; interactive and on-line communication. The Euphon Group offers comprehensive solutions in the world of communication, by integrating contents with state-of-the-art technologies in the fields of television, information science and telecommunication, and delivering its clients full multimedia convergence. The Group is focused today on two geographic areas (Italy and Spain), with locations in Turin, Milan, Rome, Barcelona and Madrid.


Linguarama Italia Srl has been working in the field of linguistic training in the professional sector since 1971. We are present in Italy with centres in Milan, Turin and Rome, as well as in England and the rest of Europe. Such wide territorial coverage has made it possible for Linguarama to create didactic programmes that can begin in the client’s home country and continue, with the same didactic methodology, in the country where the language is spoken. Thanks to many years’ experience in organising various types of language courses, Linguarama has been able to specialise in creating programmes that respond precisely to the needs of the company and the students. The main formats for programmes that Linguarama offers its clients are intensive and extensive courses both for groups and individuals, Day Seminars dedicated to training in specific topics, in order to improve linguistic competence, linguistic training for specific professional fields. Linguarama can also supply the company with further support through services of linguistic consulting, by creating specialised profiles of linguistic competence for your personnel


Giorgetti evolved from the ancient carpenter’s workshop founded in Meda by our family in 1898. Constant innovation, excellent quality and woodworking experience led us to gain a defined identity among contemporary design companies. Our collection, worldwide distributed, is characterized by original creativity deriving from the cooperation with designers who had never designed furniture before: Massimo Scolari, Léon Krier and Chi Wing Lo, along with Nicola Adami, Umberto Asnago, Antonello Mosca and Laura Silvestrini form the group of our designers. Almost unparalleled as far as range and variety are concerned, our collection offers not just products but a lifestyle with both autonomous and at the same time complementary pieces, able to create elegant and harmonious ambiences, sober and personalized, far from the habitual furnishing schemes. The Giorgetti lifestyle is dedicated to heterogeneous and cosmopolitan customers who share the pleasure of beauty and the desire to be surrounded by valuable furniture and materials.


With its unmistakeable red label, Piper-Heidsieck is the most well known Champagne in the whole world for its sparkling bubbles, able to light up with a touch of exclusiveness even the most informal situations. Piper-Heidsieck has always been synonymous for great emotions, conviviality and passion. And it is exactly on passion that the story of the Maison Piper-Heidsieck was created, founded in 1785 in Reims by Florens-Louis Heidsieck, a great connoisseur and lover of the wines of Champagne. Already with his first Cuvées, Florens-Louis succeeded in conferring a characteristic style on his Champagne wines, starting a long tradition of outstanding quality. These values have remained unchanged up until the present day, thanks to the ability and talent of the «Chefs de Cave» of the Maison, who know how to translate luxury, tradition and charm into a style that is both elegant and relaxed. Piper-Heidsieck has thus completely revolutionised the way of drinking Champagne, transforming it into a moment of informality and enjoyment. For this reason Piper-Heidsieck is the perfect Champagne to create a sparkling and glamorous atmosphere and to transform emotions and sensation into unforgettable moments to share. And for more intense moments Piper-Heidsieck has created the Cuvée Réservée “Florens-Louis”, a refined Champagne that is a genuine homage to its founder.