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November 11th

Auditorium Testori - Palazzo Lombardia
Milano, Piazza Città di Lombardia, 1

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Set up in 1923 as an artisanal woodworking workshop, Calligaris has come a long way and now, with developments in the production process, the expansion of the product range, identification of new sales channels, the “discovery” of the brand and its value adding and internationalization on the markets, it is one of the leading companies in the world for Italian home design. Alessandro Calligaris is the President of the company since 1986.

Today Calligaris has a Group records sales of approximately 130 million euros, while its range of products covers the whole world of furniture, from chairs (its original core business) to lighting, the last category to have been included in the catalogue, working with attention, passion and ingeniousness, every day Calligaris gives life the best Italian smart design!

Production process are distributed among eight sites located in Italy (including headquarters in Manzano, Udine)and abroad (with facility in Croatia where semi-finished wooden products are manufactured). International company branches operate in the United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia. The sales organization is based on retailers located in over 90 countries. Calligaris currently numbers all over the world approximately 70 monobrand Stores, 130 shop-in-shop and 250 galleries.

In 2013 alone Calligaris store opened in Kiev, Nantes, Madrid, Beirut, Paris Domus, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, while in 2014 Italy saw store openings in Turin, Bergamo, Udine. On October 30th the first Calligaris mono-brand store was inaugurated in Düsseldorf, Germany whereas in North America, the Washington store (Georgetown) has been recently set up.

These new openings are important milestones for the brand’s awareness-building strategy on the international market, which currently represents nearly 65% of the Calligaris Group.


Consea Executive Search has been operating since1975.

The company is a market leader both at national and international level. Consea was established in Turin with the sole aim of searching and selecting top managers in the automotive field. Consea enlarged its business into other fields, such as the mechanical, home appliance, food&beverage and fashion. Driven by the demands of its services, Consea in 2005 was the first Italian recruitment company to have a Head Hunting office in the People's Republic of China. Consea success in meeting client's needs is driven by the experience of its specialized staff.

Consea supports clients providing the best candidates who can better fit their environment, with high quality, fast and customized service.

Since 2009 Consea set up a new business unit specializing in fashion, Consea Fashion&Retail, operating in Italy and abroad.


Currently Consea manages directly offices in Italy, China, Poland and Brazil.

Dr Vranjes


Antica Officina del Farmacista was created in Florence, in  1983, out of the passion of Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a pharmacist,  chemist and cosmetologist. Together with a staff of assistants,  he creates and manufactures exclusive products which are the result  of the perfect blend between meticulous innovative techniques and  tireless research in tradition.  Born and bred in Bologna, where he also obtained his degree,  Dr.Vranjes decided to join his personal history with that of Florence,  the Italian city with the most ancient tradition of distillation of  essences and perfumes. The story of Paolo Vranjes is also the story of  a “nose”. While still a child, he could already perceive the enigmatic  influence of “odors”, which, through the sensitivity of the sense of  smell, arrive directly to the heart. Through the years, this perception  turned into a mission, and thus a great creator of olfactory emotions  was born.  “The culture of perfumes was literally infused in me,” says Paolo  Vranjes. “My grandfather was a silk trader with a passion for essences,  and as a child I would watch him in the room where he kept his  collection of perfumes which he searched for on his travels around  the world. I was enraptured by that universe of rare, transparent  bottles with their unusual, evocative scents, and I was fascinated by  the secrets they held within them. Where were they from? What was  so special about them? And how was a new magic created every  time they were mixed? Then one day my grandfather realized I was  there, and with an understanding smile, he invited me to join him  while making me promise not to touch anything. After that, we  spent many more days together. My passion for essences and my  culture were born in that room.”  Dr.Vranjes’s passion, together with his creativity, knowledge and  competence, gave rise, through the years, to the unique and exclusive  universe of Antica Officina del Farmacista, with its exciting ambient  scents, its reliable cosmetics for face and body, and its surprising  Extraits, precious wearable fragrances.  To step inside the Antica Officina del Farmacista is to allow  yourself a moment of absolute pleasure as you follow seducing  paths to discover the harmonious alchemy of emotions, research,  and inspiration – the core ingredients necessary for the fine art  of creating fragrances. The sophisticated design of the bottle is  uniquely inspired by Florentine architecture; precious fragrancefilled  jewels waiting to be discovered, inviting you to reawaken long  forgotten memories.


Since 1895, Lavazza has been telling the story of a family and a coffee company.

A story about experience and quality, values ​​that made ​​Lavazza leader in the local and global market: today the company is ranked first in the Italian retail market, with a market share in value of more than 47% (data by Nielsen), and can boast 3,300 employees and sales of € 1,340 million (data from 2013 financial statement) thanks to five factories, four in Italy and one abroad in India. Operating in more than 90 countries, Lavazza exports 46% of its production and now ranks eighth among the world’s coffee roasters.

Since June 2011, Antonio Baravalle is the CEO and leads the company alongside the family members: Alberto Lavazza (Chairman), Giuseppe and Marco (Vice-Chairmen), Francesca and Antonella (Board members).

It is a story about innovation: more than a hundred years ago Luigi Lavazza, in his Turin shop, invented the concept of blend, the art of combining different species and geographical origins of coffee that still distinguishes all Lavazza products. In the first decades of the 1900s, Lavazza was the first company to sell coffee locally in bags with its own brand printed on it. In 1946, the company launched the first vacuum packed cans in Italy and in 1972 the first flexible vacuum pack. The first multi-packs of coffee were launched in 1989, again with the Lavazza brand.

That same year, the company entered the portioned coffee market, and became the first Italian company to produce and supply market capsule espresso systems. Today, thanks to ongoing collaboration with an international network of universities and scientific organizations, Lavazza can boast four platforms in the portioned coffee sector: A Modo Mio, specifically designed for the domestic market, Espresso Point, Blue, and now Keurig® Rivo™ Cappuccino and Latte, launched at the end of 2012.

Keurig® Rivo™, designed for domestic use in North America, was developed by Lavazza in collaboration with the US-based Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, its industrial and distribution partner since 2010.

It is a story about research, too: the constant passion for quality led the company to found, in 1979, the “Luigi Lavazza Center for studies and research on coffee”, a center for the analysis and study of espresso and its dissemination throughout the country, open to researchers, industry professionals, customers, and above all to those responsible for “public establishments”, those café-bars that enjoyed a dramatic expansion in Italy thanks to the extraordinary popularity of espresso. Over time, the center has evolved into what is now known as the Lavazza Training Center, an international network of over 50 coffee schools worldwide, where 30 thousand people receive training each year.

In terms of applied research, last March Lavazza presented, with illycaffè, the results of the Coffea arabica genome-sequencing project, the all-Italian study conducted by Padua, Trieste and Udine Universities.

Another direction of in-depth research for the development of coffee products was undertaken by Lavazza more than 15 years ago. It involves activities related to coffee design and collaboration with chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Massimo Bottura, among others. From this research, many recipes and product patents were born, which, over time, have entered the market.

And, this is also a love story: Lavazza is currently Italians’ favorite brand of coffee and ranks seventh in the Top 10 of the most popular global brands (data from Meaningful Brand Index 2013). Since the 1960s, it has been a pioneer in the world of communication, along with Armando Testa, and the launch of memorable television commercials starring Caballero and Carmencita, and later, the slogans made famous all over the world by actor Nino Manfredi, including: “Lavazza coffee, the more it goes down, the more it picks you up.”

Since 1993, the company has celebrated photographic creativity by designing the Lavazza Calendar, created in collaboration with world-renowned artists such as Helmut Newton, Annie Leibovitz and Elliott Erwitt, just to name a few.

It is a story about commitment as well: as a family-owned company, Lavazza has always been focused on ethics and sustainability. In 1996 it began working with Slow Food – and it still does – on issues relating to the protection of product quality and respect for biodiversity. In 2002 the Giuseppe and Pericle Lavazza Foundation was established, a non-profit organization that promotes solidarity in the social, environmental and health care fields, both in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with such organizations as ICP (International Coffee Partners) and Save the Children, among others. In that same period, the partnership between Lavazza and Rainforest Alliance began, which was later developed around the project ¡Tierra!, focused on three fundamental aspects: final product quality, attention to the living conditions of the populations of coffee producing countries and environmental impact.

Lavazza has also invested significant resources to improve the environmental performance of its products, evaluating the ecological footprint of its products over their entire life cycle, from the raw coffee beans up to the final consumption stage. The five-year partnership, launched in January 2009, with the Polytechnic University of Turin also proceeds in this direction, as does the company’s collaboration with the University of Naples, which focuses on both food quality and safety and on environmental and energy sustainability.

Lavazza is the official coffee at the Italy Pavillion, Expo 2015.

For further information:

Lavazza – Alessandra Bianco – t.: +39 011.2398883; +39 335.7302211

Marilù Brancato – t.: +39 011.2398684; +39 345.3972860

Edelman - Claudia Galeotti +39 02.63116.273; +39.348.7308249


Founded in 2001, Lob is a corporate communication agency with a strong expertise in the financial sector, part of Brand Portal Network, the second Italian communication group

Lob is focused in providing strategic communication advisory to the financial sector, in particular the asset management industry, where clients include AXA IM, Amundi, Russell Investments, UBI Pramerica, and the banking sector, with clients including Cariparma Crédit Agricole Group, Banca Sella.

Lob expertise also covers other sectors, from mass retail channels (Salmoiraghi & Viganò), to entertainment (Uci Cinemas) and the publishing industry (Gruppo Class). In this area Lob has been managing Milano Fashion Global Summit press office for a decade.

Lob’s objective is to become a long-term partner for clients, with an average tenure track-record of seven years, so to better exploit all their knowledge and expertise.

In the Italian corporate and financial communication market Lob is positioned as a boutique,

actively managing relations with journalists and using bespoke tools and approach.

With a proactive approach towards both clients and media: Lob goes beyond ordinary, day-to-day news management and encourages a continuous dialogue with journalists about topic of interest, identifying the best opportunities to get client coverage.

Lob is not only pure PR but also digital communication (social networks / digital PR), media planning advisory, content marketing & publishing, technical translations. And thanks to Brand Portal we can also provide our clients with a real integrated communication approach.



Founded in the Sixties by far-seeing Giuliano Magni, Magniflex is today respected as a

leading brand. It was the beginning of a revolution – the early mattresses were created inside a tiny workshop and the know-how of Prato (world leader in fabrics) combined perfectly with new ideas about rest and wellbeing.

Fifty years on from that distant 1962, Magniflex has become one of the most popular companies worldwide in the relaxation and wellness sector, exporting to over 80 countries thanks to the opening of new shoerooms in the world: a store was opened in Florence in 2001 and in Tokyo the following year; the first store was opened in Dubai in 2006 and a second one just two years later. From 2010 until now, new stores have been opened in Cyprus, Kiev, Prague, Singapore, Milan, Manila and Sofia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Miami, Bangalore, Bratislava, Osaka, Funzhou City, Foshan City and Dongguan.

It is no coincidence that Magniflex has won awards for two years consecutively for its position as one of the 500 most dynamic businesses in Europe, standing out for its constant search for new ideas and updating. An evident exemple is the invention, in 1968, of vacuum packaging, the most innovative and practical form of packaging in the mattress industry. Thanks to this patent, three important objectives have been reached – excellent use of space, improved delivery times and reduction of impact on the environment as regards fuel and CO2 emissions.

Magniflex is the result of passion, creativity, a constant search for wellness and continued respect for Man and nature. It is with this view in mind that the company completes its design-productionpackaging cycle, led by experts, technicians and over 180 employees who produce 10,000 new mattresses every day.


S.Pellegrino, Acqua Panna and Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages are international trademarks of Sanpellegrino S.p.A. Distributed in over 130 countries through branches and distributors in all five continents, these products represent quality excellence by virtue of their origins and perfectly interpret Italian style worldwide as a synthesis of pleasure, health and well-being. Founded in 1899, Sanpellegrino S.p.A, part of the Nestlé Waters group, is the leading company in the beverage sector in Italy with its range of mineral waters, non-alcoholic aperitifs, drinks and iced teas. As a major Italian producer of mineral water, it has always been committed to enhancing this primary good for the planet and works responsibly and passionately to ensure that this resource has a secure future.